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GENESIS 48:1-13

God’s word is prompt and inherent in it, is a self driving force. Once released it has latent power to compel itself into manifestation.

In the book of Daniel, the word of a king that the fiery furnace be heated seven times was urgently implemented. If the word of an earthly king is urgent, then the word of God is much more urgent. As it happens in the past, it is still happening in our time.

God blesses people in diverse ways. Some through gradual process, while others in haste. Like in the case of Zacchaeus, Jesus said make haste come down; today I will eat at thine house.  This exactly mirrors mine encounter, when I ministered in my congregation on the Theme: THERE WILL BE A CROSS OVER HANDS IN YOUR FAVOUR.  Apart from the spontaneous offering as a confirmation from various members of the congregation that they were blessed, I had many other pleasant surprises from the store room of heaven. Vivid among these is the invitation to declare the state anniversary banquet open in prayer less than one hour of the ministration. Ministering in a state Banquet is not what makes this a testimony, but the uniqueness of the modus operandis.

 To begin, I was not there in the venue of the state anniversary thanksgiving. In the midst of other ministers why is it me that was needed to open the state banquet the following day? Can you imagine this? From the venue of the state anniversary thanksgiving service, where many great men and women of God from the nooks and crannies of the state were gathered, I was called from my house through the phone. Why the phone call demanding my attention? That must be the benefit of God’s hands of promotion. The thrill from this experience led to the revelation that birth this message: THE URGENCY OF THE WORD OF GOD-PART 1. Wishing you joyful encounters.

In Gen. 1, God said let there be light, and there was light immediately as he said.

Gen.1:1 – In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…….. Verse 3 And God said let there be light, and there was light

We are talking about the urgency of the word of God.

 God did not go into fasting, the action commenced immediately.

In the same chapter, God created us in his own image and after his likeness. Other things have responded but, to some of us, in certain areas of our lives, we are yet to look exactly like God. God said let there be light and there was light; we must, then confront whatever that is hindering or confronting our prayers and wellbeing. Many of us are seeking and knocking, yet no response and some are not even asking. The Lord wants to unfold to us some mysteries.  It is worthy of reckoning to note that God has been speaking once and it came to pass. He spoke to Sarah, by this time next year, you will embrace a child, and it came to pass, even though Sarah tried to disbelieve. None of God’s word will be delayed because he is not sure; no! Never, every word of God moves with action and it always come to pass.

Let there be light, there was urgent response, and God dwells in light. When darkness dwelled in the world, God needed light, and light came immediately. Nobody is a graduate in the school of the spirit; it was on Sunday that I had this understanding. Don’t present your case and go to sleep. Therefore demand your result and have it there, except we are not asking in earnest. James says we ask without receiving because we ask according to our lust. If we are qualified, he cannot deny us; this is not man made, but God’s word. He wants us to have it. Many hours with God in this subject matter took me straight into the University of Heaven through the length and breadth of many interesting discoveries. Through this, it is so glaring also that there are three ways heaven responds to man’s need, and these are:

(1)   No

(2)   Wait you are not yet matured or qualified

(3)    Have it on the spot



When God says no, you can’t have it; He means, it is not for you with reasons, though He may not explain. Example: prayer for money to marry second wife, or to steal someone’s money. God will tell you no out rightly, because such is not in the covenant. God is so wonderful in the ways he responds to the yearning and expectation of man.  Imagine this, a man took rope, and climbed to the tallest palm tree to die, he must have prayed earnestly for death, but God did not allow him to die. In another instance, a man having tried to succeed in life but could not, desperately looked for death. He jumped into pit water instead of him sinking and dying, he floated and people saw and rescued him. Another sister also entered to die, but could not. So, the ways of God is past finding; when he says no, no human effort can change it......(..to be continued).

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